My Story

I grew up riding horses and mules on my family's cattle ranch. I have been riding since I was big enough to sit up on a horse by myself. Training the ranch's horses and mules was a chore of mine for years. I have broke countless mules and horses for clients and myself. Riding horses and mules is not only a chore it is also one of my favorite pastimes. I currently am on the Snow College Rodeo team and compete on horses I have trained.  My business Broncs&Donks is my main employment and I ride full time all year long.


What I Do

I use the new methods of training horses and mules. Riding the horses on long rides consistently is a huge part of what I do with my training program. After getting the animals used to being saddled and after I climb on, teaching them how to yield to the bit is a huge thing I work on. After the animals are good at flexing there heads, responding to the bit, and are rideable they are immediately sent out on big rides. During the winter the horse will spend most of its time out on the San Rafael desert. In the summer they will spend all their time up in the mountains near Joes Valley. I believe horses learn a best on big difficult rides.

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